How much do you charge?
Since everybody's event is different, it is hard for us to give you a definite price. Our average price range is from $350 to $750. Please contact us for an exact price quote

What kind of events do you do?
We do everything that requires sound, lights and great music! We will handle any event, from the biggest to the smallest. Whether you need a live sound reinforcement for 1000 people or a DJ to rock the house at your party we are here for you.

Annual Delta Queen talent contest put on by Delta Tau Delta from UC Riverside to
benefit the City of Hope foundation.

What kind of music will you be playing at my dance?
Typically, the music usually revolves around hip-hop, R&B and pop. We offer a wide selection of music, new and old. We range from the golden oldies to the 70s, 80s, 90s, right up to today. If you can name the song, we will most likely have it. If you give us a song request one week prior to your event, we will make sure that we have that song for your event. Ultimately, the music played at your dance will be dependent on what you want to hear from us.

Are you the kind of DJ that talks over the music and attempts to get the crowd to do some kind of line dance?
Our mission is just to play good music and allow the audience to dance with no cheesy interruptions . No one is going to go on stage and teach you and your friends how to do the YMCA. However, if you would like to get on the microphone and get your friends to dance, we will gladly allow you to do so.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a minimum 20% deposit in order to reserve the date and time of your event.

We had a DJ that did not show up at the party, and the whole thing was ruined for us. Will you bail out on us in the last minute?
Unfortunately, we always hear about this kind of terrible occurrence. Non-professional DJ's are often the culprit since they are not obligated to perform and may not show up without any kind of notice. We are a professional DJ company that takes your business very seriously. Once we have committed to playing at your event, you can rest assured that we will be there that night!

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