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Here at Trackie Productions we take great pride in our sound system. Many of the sound systems you will hear in a typical DJ setup are too harsh due to the DJ pushing a little system causing tinny, thin sound. This usually causes ear fatigue, and ultimately annoys you and your guests. You will not get that from Trackie Productions! You will be surrounded in rich full sound, something that used to be exclusive to dance clubs.

Exactly how advanced is our sound system? Sound systems sound different in different places. In some places, a particular sound system may sound really good. But given the same sound in a different setting, it may sound very bad. We employ audio instruments such as a Real Time Analyzer (RTA), which is a tool used by audio professionals to compensate for the acoustics of the room. The room is carefully equalized to ensure that you get superior sound at the place you choose to throw your party!

All packages include spectacular lighting effects to excite the dance floor!
Back-up equipment will be on site to safeguard against system failures and to give you peace of mind.
We promise to set-up early and your event will start on time.
All of our dance packages include:

  • Powerful state of the art sound system.
  • Disco lighting effects to energize the dance floor.
  • Fog machine (if venue permits the use of one).
  • Disc Jockey.
  • Comprehensive music library.
  • Unlimited over-the-phone consultations.
  • Microphone for announcements.
  • Upgraded sound system (depending upon the size of audience)
  • Intelligent Lighting (call or email for details)
  • Professional wireless microphones

Please contact us with your event info, and we will give you a quote along with a package tailored just for you.