The club roots that the company was built upon separate us from the competition. The music in a dance nightclub is always seamlessly blended and carefully chosen. A shortcoming of the average DJ, especially those who concentrate on weddings, is that the songs are simply slam-mixed into one another. This causes a great distraction on the dance floor and at many times loses the energy of the dance floor. Have you ever wandered off a dance floor because the next song was introduced awkwardly? One of the main goals of Trackie Productions is to maintain the dance floor energy and keep you and your guests entertained and dancing.

Jackie Lau started Trackie Productions in 1998, realizing that most DJs played music according to their own tastes, as opposed to pleasing the taste of the customer. Jackie went on to become a club DJ holding a residency (a regular spot) at a hot spot in downtown Los Angeles.

Performing at 102.7 KIIS FM's Club DV8

Trackie Productions started off with two speakers, and transformed to what is now considered one of the best audio systems and music selection around. With years of experience, your event will be a guaranteed success.